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Infocom Analysis


    Canada’s FinTech market is beginning to see major momentum. Here are some industry facts from MARS District. Source: https://www.marsdd.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Ten-Surprising-Facts-about-Fintech-in-Canada.pdf   Louis Rhéaume Infocom Analysis louis@infocomintelligence.com Twitter: @InfocomAnalysis The post TEN SURPRISING FACTS ABOUT FINTECH IN CANADA (infographic) appeared first on Infocomanalysis.
  • How Engineers Are Insuring the Web Doesn’t Run Out of Addresses
    Engineers have long focused their IPv6 adoption efforts on businesses, but individuals have much to gain by making the jump as well. Individual users can already connect to popular sites like YouTube, Yahoo and Netflix through IPv6 addresses. Nearly 20 percent of all Google users in the United States have already made the shift. This […]
  • Online Security Threats To Watch For In 2016
      In English or French, infocomanalysis.com is a handy resource for any number of topics from technology to business, and I appreciate their featuring us in this post. When you’re done scoping out this year’s threats, consider this fascinating read about the world in 2025. As 2016 begins shifting into full gear, we’re faced with […]
  • Professeurs de l’ÉTS cherchent étudiants pour projets de recherche aux cycles supérieurs
    Auteur : Décanant des études Contenu : Recrutement Public cible : Étudiants au BAC/ Étudiants aux cycles supérieurs Plusieurs professeurs cherchent des étudiants intéressés à réaliser, sous leur direction, des travaux de recherche dans le cadre d’un programme de maîtrise (avec projet ou avec mémoire) ou au doctorat. Plus d’une centaine de projets sont annoncés sur […]